Concert Frank Turner à Nancy le 30 mars 2017

30 jeudi mars 2017

La Machine À Vapeur (Quai Ste Catherine)

9.80 €

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Plus d'infos sur le concert Frank Turner à Nancy

Frank Turner is aware of the passage of time, of the influence of days that drag and months that gallop can exert on what he would probably never dream of calling his body of work. After all, it has been a number of years now since the hardcore troubadour transformed himself from The Boy Who Surely Could Not, to The Man That Did; it has been years now that his name has appeared in the largest type on ticket stubs that permit entry to such venues as Wembley Arena, or the Royal Albert Hall; just as it has been years since the sound of his voice projecting itself from a digital radio was anything like a surprise, let alone a novelty.